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Garden Furniture Jepara

If you are a fan of wooden craft works, then you would have ever heard of Furniture Jepara. Jepara is the name of a district in Central Java, Indonesia. It is a place where many wooden artists gather and this place has been famous even to all around the world as the producer of wooden furniture and artworks.

Mythology Comes to Life in Furniture Jepara

The woodcraft from Jepara is famous all around the world because of its quality and artistic value. The artist and woodcrafters there never stop in creating new pieces with high art value and deep meaning on each of their art pieces. The theme that they take usually comes from the ethnic and old stories of Java. It is applied not only as statues, but also as chairs, tables and many other furniture jepara.

You can see statue of various characters from wayang story and many figures that are special to Javanese mythology. They are crafted in usually mahogany wood with high details and high artistic value. It is highly recommended that you come to one of their woodcraft gallery and see their wonderful collections of wooden statues and wooden furniture unique to Jepara.

As time goes by, the modern culture is also combined in the theme of their piece of artwork. Modern shapes, combined with various shapes from the ancient past are also combined in one piece of work and will give you different traditional and classic yet modern feels. Having one of these woodcrafts from there will have a natural and exotic fee in your room wherever you are putting it. Some of the woodcrafts are even wonderful enough that it will become a worthy collection if you are a collector of unique furniture. You can also put it in your living room for actual use as java meuble jepara.

If you come to Java, you should make some time to arrange a visit to the place. It is located near the northern shore of the Central Java beach, several kilometers from Semarang, the capital city of Central Java. If you come to the place, you can visit one of the workshops there and see for yourself how the artist crafts their wood into wonderful artwork or furniture jepara.

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